You May Have To Wait Few More Months For Google Daydream

Google Daydream

Google jumped on VR Bandwagon this month with its announcement of Daydream, a combination of Hardware and software to run high quality VR Content on mobile phones.
Now that the world is in speculation, Google’s VR Boss, Clay Bavor has some interesting (and disappointing at some extent) details about companies project.
Talking to RoadtoVR, he said:

We want to hold a very high quality bar, and for that to happen all the components need to be just right. So, to VR fans, I would say, hold off for a few months to get your next phone… and get a Daydream-ready phone.

He does have a good point, granted that VR needs some hardware sensors and software to work, not all phones in market will be working with it.

As of now, Google has told that Google’s Nexux P can be used for Daydream, which does not have all the sensors specified by Google. Also many of current flagships such as Galaxy S6 and S7 don’t complete all the requirements.

Daydream requirements

On the other hand, Device makers will also have to ship the phones with Android N and we have seen that OTA updates can take months.

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