Get Ready for Ads in Pocket

ads in pocket

Get ready, you are soon going to see Ads in Pocket. The Popular read-it-later app, Pocket will soon be serving sponsored content in its recommended posts section.

In a blog post, Nate from Pocket HQ announced about the news.

… in the coming weeks, you may see us begin experimenting with a second piece: showing you the occasional sponsored post inside Pocket.


The App is one of the most popular offline reading apps available for any platform, it has been installed by 22 Million people.

Previously, there were no ads in Pocket. Only a premium service existed. The Premium added some additional features to the service such as saving the posts even if they are deleted from the website.

After the Company waited for years in research, It seems that Pocket has found a good way to monetise through the App.  Rather than showing you a banner app covering screen space, the Recommended section shows you sponsored content. Intel is one of the first to advertise himself using Pocket.

The posts are labeled as Sponsored, and The company has announced that they will not sell user information to advertisers to show ads in Pocket.

Ads are only for Free users. Nate said in the blog post that anyone using the Pocket Premium will not be seeing sponsored content. The Premium subscription costs 5 bucks per month and adds some additional features such as Advance searching and tagging.

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