Facebook Messenger Now Supports Multiple Accounts

facebook messenger multiple account support

There were many rumors about the upcoming changes in Facebook’s Messenger for Android, some of them were SMS Support and Multiple Account support for Messenger.

Today, Half of that has made it to the App, You can new use multiple user accounts in the Facebook messenger. It can be found in Accounts settings where you can sign-in with multiple user accounts.

The user can choose to make the account access open or  make the Facebook messenger ask for the password every time when someone tries to open it.

If you choose the latter, others can still see notification counts next to your name in the accounts screen. However, other details such as message contents will be kept hidden until (obviously) you enter your password and sign-in.

Currently, the Multiple Account support for messenger is only available for Android, There is no official announcement from Facebook about when (or if) it will be made available for iOS or the web version of the messenger.



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Posted by Messenger on Friday, February 19, 2016

Faceboook is focusing more on messenger than ever, there are talks about running Ads in the app too, time will tell how it goes.

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