No, Google Has Not Stopped The Production of Google Pixel

2017 01 29 08h41 09

Are you one of the thousands of people who have a pitchfork on their hands because Google Has reportedly stopped producing its Pixel Smartphones?

Keep your pitchforks to rest, that news is bullshit.

The Pixel Production halt scare was started by a Canadian mobile carrier Telus, which (without doing any research) sent out notification emails to folk who had pre-ordered Pixel XL through the carrier. In the email, Telus said that it wouldn’t be delivering Pixel XL phones because Google has ended the production of Pixel smartphones.

2017 02 05 17h28 07

That is just as wrong as it sounds. It is already clear that Pixel phone are selling like hotcakes and Google is even creating a cheaper version of Pixel phone to continue surfing on the success wave. 

After people had started going crazy on Reddit, 9To5Google got an official statement from Google itself about the matter, which is as following:

We’re really excited by the demand for the Pixel XL in Canada. Telus is currently out of stock of the Pixel XL. We’re working with our partners to restock inventory across our retail channels and we can confirm that production of the Pixel has not stopped.

So, if you still have a pitchfork on your hands, you may want to turn it towards Telus, not Google.

Considering the demand phone is still more that Google’s already produced units, the company has increased the production of the smartphone, at any rate, Pixel is here to stay.

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