Patents Show That Intel May Be Working On A Curved 2-in1 Laptop

2017 02 06 09h12 15

Patents are fascinating. Even though many of them don’t make it to the manufacturing process, they provide a clear idea of where a company is headed and where a company is spending is valuable R&D assets.

As The Next Web reports, Intel has filed a patent of a curved two-in-one laptop. It was filed back in November, and the notes describe it as an Electronic device with a detachable curved display.

2017 02 06 09h12 15

2017 02 06 09h12 07

2017 02 06 09h11 52

If Intel makes this device in future, it will not be the first laptop makes to have a detachable screen, we already have Microsoft Surface, and Acer already has a monster 21″ Gaming Laptop that comes with a curved display, but Intel will be the first one to do both.

The patent doesn’t discuss¬†screen size or other technical details, but I can’t stop thinking about how can a curved keyboard be usable on a desk.

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