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Patents Show That Intel May Be Working On A Curved 2-in1 Laptop

Patents are fascinating. Even though many of them don’t make it to the manufacturing process, they provide a clear idea of where a company is headed and where a company is spending is valuable R&D assets.

As The Next Web reports, Intel has filed a patent of a curved two-in-one laptop. It was filed back in November, and the notes describe it as an Electronic device with a detachable curved display.

If Intel makes this device in future, it will not be the first laptop makes to have a detachable screen, we already have Microsoft Surface, and Acer already has a monster 21″ Gaming Laptop that comes with a curved display, but Intel will be the first one to do both.

The patent doesn’t discuss screen size or other technical details, but I can’t stop thinking about how can a curved keyboard be usable on a desk.

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