Lenovo Just Launched A Cheap Version of Yoga Book, a Crazy Android Laptop

2017 02 06 16h00 06 1

Ever Since its launch a couple of months ago, Lenovo’s Yoga Book has impressed almost everyone in the tech industry because of its innovative Halo keyboard and reasonable price, so much that after Windows and Android versions of Yoga Book, the company released a Chrome OS version too.

Well, if you thought of getting one for yourself, but found the price to be more than your liking, you should probably take a look at Lenovo Yoga A12.

The A12 version of Yoga Book is a cheaper, less powerful version of the full blown Yoga Book and it comes in only one OS variant: Google Android. The A12 will cost $299 (almost Rs 20,000), and it should go on sale starting Wednesday.

Lenovo A12

Lenovo A12

The cheaper version of Yoga Book will run on an Intel Atom x5 chip, 2GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal storage which can be expanded using a microSD card. The 360-degree hinge attached screen has 12.2-inch size, and its resolution is currently unknown.

The selling feature of previous Yoga Book, the Halo Keyboard will stay which company has claims that have been improved and thinned out than the initial version of Halo Keyboard. Unlike its big brother, however, the A12 will not support stylus input.

The tablet will come in two colors: Gunmetal Gre and Rose Gold.

Considering the price, there are some more powerful tablets and laptops in the market, but people getting the Yoga Book A12 will be more interested in the unique form factor of the device and considering it run Android, these specs should make for a good enough computing experience.

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