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Facebook Added HD Video Uploads For Android, Floating Windows Are Being Tested Too

Uploading High Definition videos on Facebook is nothing new, the web version and the iOS app has been supporting it for nearly two years, However, even though Android Phones have been supporting HD and 4K video captures for a long time, users were not able to upload them using the app.

Facebook adds support for HD Video Upload in Android

Better late then never, Android Police reported that Facebook has finally added support for uploading high defination videos today.

You can find it under app’s settings menu, where you can see a toggle to enable or disable HD Video upload. Also, you can see from the screen that the app also has added support for adding High Definition photos as well.

If you are not that much into uploading Videos on Facebook, there is one under testing feature that you may like. Facebook is testing Floating Windows for Video Playback (A bit like FloatingTube that is for Chrome’s desktop versions). Also, the company is testing support for offline video download and letting users select specific video quality.

You will be able to select video resolution for in-app playback

You will be able to select video resolution for in-app playback

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