Google Has An App To Let You Share Your Location With Your Loved Ones

google trusted contact app

Safety of children and other family members is an increasing concern for many modern families. Google is trying to help you with it by helping you in tracking their location with they are out of the house.

Google just released a new location-sharing app called Trusted Contacts. The idea behind the app is to make sure that your loved ones are always able to know where you are and whether you are safe.

The app is fairly straightforward, simply install the app and then you can choose your trusted contacts. Once you have marked a contact as trusted, he/she will be able to see your location on the app.


If your family members need to know your location, they can ask you with a tap on a button. You can accept the request to share your location or reject it if you wish, but if you do not reply within 5 minutes, the app will automatically send your location to your family members.


While it can be a great tool to make sure that your family members are safe, I can see some family using the app for some other situations as well. It is worth knowing that this idea is not completely one, some other apps (Life360’s Family Locator comes to mind) offer very similar feature set. However, Google’s App is completely free to use and it has tighter integration with Google’s other services such as Maps.

You can install the app from Google Play Store, There is no word about any iOS version yet.

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