Thinking of Sticking with Windows 7? Not a bad idea

stick to windows 7

Windows 10 is coming on 29th July and from this version of Windows, Microsoft is making a lot of changes on its Operating System. Windows 10 is coming with a Virtual Assistant, better desktop management, Start Menu and a lot more. Microsoft has stated that Free Upgrades will be available for users who have genuine copy or Windows 7 and Later. This is big move for Microsoft and I think it should be welcomed.

Still, Sticking with good old Windows 7 is not a really bad idea. If you are lazy about upgrading to Windows 10, or just are still in love with Windows 7, you can keep using it.

Won’t that be stupid if you have a chance to get Windows 10 for free and you stick with Windows 7?

No. That will not be.

Let’s see why it still is not bad to stick with what you have got as your current OS?

Don’t Fix That Isn’t Broken

You heard that right? Windows 7 works fine, looks fine and it is good at one thing : Doing what you want it to do. Upgrading will be a work for you, Do a Download of (almost) 4 GB size, backup everything, install Windows 10, make sure everything works with new OS and a lot more things ; and all of that to Fix something that is not broken. Also it will take some time to get used to new Desktop, Start Menu and other things.

stick to windows 7

Windows 7 is 5 year old OS, still it looks good and works well for most of us

Windows 7 is still secure enough

Granted that Windows 7 is now out of mainstream support and is almost 5 years old, still it will be supported for next 5 years. Microsoft will continue to provide security updates for Windows 7 for next 5 year, which is a long period. If you are using a good antivirus and if you are careful while browsing internet, you are safe. Same applies with Windows 8 users, however Windows XP is not on the Safe-List.

Software are still working

New version of Microsoft office i.e. Office 2016 runs fine on Windows 7. New software by Adobe, Autodesk and other companies are also going to run well on Windows 7. However if you want to run Universal apps on Windows 7, you are out of luck. Windows 7 supports standard desktop software, whereas Universal apps will only work with Windows 10. Still all professional software will still be supported on Windows 7.

Many new Features can be enabled by using third-party Tools

Windows 10 has a new Virtual Desktop support, a Start Menu and ability to run Modern apps on desktop among the many new features, these and many other features can be enabled by using some free and paid programs. We have also covered a detailed guide about getting most of the features of Windows 10 on Windows 7 and Windows 8.
However some features such as Cortana and continuum are not going to make to Windows 7 (at least for now)

Should you upgrade or not?

That depends completely on you. Windows 10 is a good upgrade (mostly because it is free) It will release on 29th July 2015. You can upgrade to Windows 10 within one year of its release date without paying a penny. If you like Windows 7 and you are happy with it, maybe you don’t need to rush for free upgrade. You can use Windows 7 for a few month more. If you are ready to pay for Windows 10 after the 1 year period, you can keep using Windows 7 for 5 years as security updates will be provided for 5 year.