Apple Wants You To Buy It’s $300 Book

2016 11 17 18h22 41

2016-11-17_18h22_16.jpgApple is a brand known for three things: Design, Quality, and affordability. OK, only two. On 15th November, the company launched a new product that contains almost 450 photos of Apple products launched since the company was started.

The book has all photos shot by Andrew Zuckerman who is mostly known his Creature book. The book is dedicated to Apple’s co-founder Steve Jobs and it is aimed at explaining design process of various products.

Let’s talk specifications. Apple is selling the book in two sizes, one is 10.2″ x 12.75″ and the other one in 13″ x 16.25″. The first one is being sold for $199 and the larger size will cost $299. Apple has proudly titled the book “Designed by Apple in California”

Only Apple has the ‘Courage’ of publishing a 450-page coffee table book and charging $300 for it.

Interested in knowing if I am buying one ?  I will wait one more year for a slimmer version.