Lenovo’s Cool New Yoga Book Will Come with Chrome OS too

2016 12 18 20h48 51

In case you missed it, Lenovo Yoga Book is a new typing, drawing and writing computer by the company. The laptop-tablet hybrid does not have any physical keyboard. Instead, the Yoga book comes with a virtual keyboard on a touch panel that you can even turn off to use the surface with a stylus to draw on the screen.

Initially, the Yoga Book was released in 2 variants, one with Windows 10 and another running Google Android. Now company’s Android and Chrome chief has confirmed to Laptop Magzine that the laptop will come with a Chrome OS version next year.

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Yoga Book is unique because it is light weight, futuristic and practical at the same time. Just like other Yoga series laptops, you can flip the screen 360 degrees to use it as a tablet with its touch screen.

Now that Google has brought Android App Store to Chrome OS, it makes sense for OEMs to offer Chrome OS for devices sporting touch screens.


The Chrome OS will need some modifications to work with the surface. It is almost sure that Lenovo will keep most of Yoga Book’s pen-based features untouched.

There is no word yet if users will be able to install Chrome OS on their Yoga Book if they got one with Android or Windows 10, but I assume that it won’t happen.

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