Thanks to some Ex-staffers, KickassTorrents is Back From Dead

2016 12 18 20h22 06 1

If you recall, in this years July, probably the biggest torrent site KickAss was taken down after its founder was arrested.

Since then a lot has happened in the pirate community, some notable incidents include a clone of KickAssTorrents by IsoHunt and even some scams targeted around the popular torrenting site, however, nothing has been done to successfully get the site back online.

Well, Kickass has finally resurrected back from the dead by its ex-staffers who have been working since the site was shut down in July. The site looks almost identical to its predecessor, but it has been started with a clean database.

While a clean database could afraid many pirates, many old members are back on site to re-upload and increase the contents of the site.


The fight of┬ámedia companies and governments against piracy is not new, but it has been heated this year, and I don’t think it will slow down in future too. It will be interesting to see what effect KickAss torrent makes now that it is back.

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