Even Replacing a Single Apple AirPod is Expensive

apple airpod replacement

Apple AirPods sure make pairing with devices easy, but they don’t have any trick up their sleeves to save them from being lost. If you have a pair and want to know how much you will have to pay if you lost them, Apple has cleared that out: $69 for a single AirPod.

As Apple’s support page indicates, if you lose a single AirPod from the pair, you can have a new one for $69. If you lose the charging case, the price will be same too.

Considering a new set of Apple AirPods -complete with a charging case- costs $159, if you lost two pieces of the AirPod, it wouldn’t be the worst idea to buy a new set altogether.

And if you need to replace the batteries from your AirPods, it will cost you $49.

After removing headphone jack, Apple is promoting wireless music earphones continuously. It can’t be said for sure if wireless earphones will make the experience any better, but the future of wireless music listening is expensive for sure.

Bonus: Here is a video about the biggest problem of Apple AirPods:

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