BlackBerry Still Wants You To Buy It’s QWERTY Smartphones

2017 01 06 08h49 21

Last few years have not been great with the iconic mobile maker. In the effort of making itself relevant to the industry, the company launched a couple of Android-powered phones to the market, most notable among them being BlackBerry Priv, but none of the launched phones have made the company a serious competitor to Apple or Samsung.

2017 01 06 08h49 21

But the company is not to admitting defeat yet, BlackBerry is ready to launch another Smartphone and much like the Priv, it will have a physical keyboard.

TCL (which owns BlackBerry brand name now) is manufacturing the phone and company’s President and GM of Communication, Steave Cistulli teased the device on his Twitter account.

No details on pricing or availability are out yet, but we know that the phones will have a fingerprint sensor built in the spacebar, apart from that the whole keyboard will be touch sensitive letting you swipe or scroll without lifting your fingers to the screen.

The phone is codenamed ‘Mercury, for ‘ and it will have a Snapdragon SoC and 3 GB of RAM.

I am personally not sure if physical keyboards are enough to lure people to buying a phone, it will be interesting to see how the phone works for TCL and BlackBerry.

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