This is The First Samsung Chromebook That Supports Stylus and Android Apps

chromebook plus

Apple and Microsoft are no longer the only companies betting on stylus operated convertibles; Samsung just jumped into the game with its two new Chromebooks.

chromebook plus

The smartphone giant just introduced two new Chromebooks named Chromebook Plus and Chromebook Pro. Despite the difference in their naming scheme both laptop are almost identical except for their processors. The Chromebook Plus runs on a custom ARM SoC, and the Pro uses a Core m3. Apart from these the following specifications apply to both devices:

  • 12.3″ touch screen display.
  • A pressure-sensitive stylus support.
  • 32 GB eMMC storage
  • 720p camera
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 2.4lb metal chassis

The company claims that these Chromebooks will have up to 8 hours of battery life. Both devices have a 360-degree hinge that provides them a tablet and a tent operation mode.

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The Chromebooks come with a stylus

The company says that it collaborated with Google to build the device. It comes with two USB-C ports which can output 4K video and can also charge the device. Very much like the Note lineup of Smartphones, the Chromebooks with come with a stylus that can be stored inside a slot in the device and it looks almost identical as Note 5’s stylus.

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Both models will run apps built for Android. Google Play is supported and much like any other Android tablet or Phone, most apps should work with the device. Android has some great apps to make use of a stylus and considering Chrome OS had no specific apps to utilize a tablet, having the ability to run Android note-taking and drawing apps is great.

The Chromebook Plus costs $450 and it will start shipping in February of this year. The price for Core m3 powered Chromebook Pro has not been disclosed.

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