WhatsApp Will No Longer Work On Old Android Phones and iPhones


One of the most popular messaging apps WhatsApp will no longer work for old Android, iPhones or Windows Phone Devices.

As the company announced on its blog last year, the company is ending support for some old operating systems and devices. Users with devices running Android 2.1, Android 2.2, Windows Phone 7 or iPhone 3GS can no longer use the messaging app.

Market share of these operating systems in quite small actually. Devices running Android 2.2 Froyo are less than 0.1%, and only 2.6% of iPhones are running iOS 6. The iPhone 3GS itself is a seven-year-old device and is no longer sold by Apple.

WhatApp is advising that users running discontinued phones can either update phone’s Operating System or buy a newer phone if they want to continue using the service. If not, all messages can be exported to an Email from the app.

The Facebook-owned company initially said that with the above devices, all BlackBerry devices, Nokia S40 Devices and Nokia S60 devices will also be discontinued, but it won’t be happening until 30 June 2017.

Discontinuing older devices is likely to increase development speed and encryption support for the services. Also, since all the discontinued devices account for less than 0.5 percent of smartphone market, the very little amount of users will be affected by the decision.

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