Gboard (Google’s Default Keyboard) Has Completed 500 Million Downloads

2017 01 01 15h38 55

Gboard, Google’s default keyboard app for Android which was formally known as Google Keyboard, has finally completed 500 Millian downloads on Google Play Store.

There are many keyboard apps on Play Store and among them, Swiftkey and Gboard dominate the keyboard section with Go keyboard and some others giving them an intense competition. While Gboard did not introduce any industry changing features in the past, it has managed to work well on almost all Android Phones.

2017 01 01 15h38 17

Google recently rebranded the keyboard to Gboard and added some new features that include multiple active languages and integrated Google Search within the keyboard to make it more appealing to everyone. It looks like the efforts have worked considering the app has crossed 500 million downloads joining apps like Photos, Dropbox, and a few other apps.

The app has reached the download number in almost three and a half years since its release, and it had some help by the fact that some phones come with Google’s keyboard app preinstalled. Some of these phones are Pixel and Nexus Devices. However, most big OEMs add their custom keyboard app on their phones by default.

2017 01 01 15h36 28

If you have been following Android since last few year, much like me, you can remember that back in 2013, the Google Keyboard was a nice little app, but it lacked many features that advanced users wanted. Now that it has added most advanced features and great customizability options, it has become one of the best keyboard apps if you type a lot on a touchscreen Android Phone. The app has a 4.1 average rating on the Google Play Store. 

What keyboard app do you use? Have you tried Gboard? How was your experience? Share with others in the comments below.

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