WhatsApp Android Beta Brings Dozens of Cool New Emoji For Everyone


The more, the merrier, right?

WhatsApp’s latest beta release for Android has added dozens of new emoji for users across all Android versions. Some of the important ones are a clown, bacon, a butterfly, a glass of whiskey and probably the emoji you have been waiting for years: a boy and girl doing a facepalm.

These emoji are a part of Unicode 9.0. Emoji in this Unicode version will be included in Android 7.1 and iOS 10.2. While a lot of users will get a free upgrade to iOS’s latest release, there is a very good chance that most Android users won’t be upgraded to Android 7.1.

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To deal with this inconsistency, WhatsApp uses its own Emoji system and if all users running the latest version of WhatsApp will get all Emoji’s no matter what platform they are on,

WhatsApp has been adding many cool new features since last few months, including future support for revoking sent messages, But I am more excited about sending a facepalm to a friend when he says something stupid.

The new emoji are only available for beta users, you can join the beta program from Play Store, or you can always install the version 2.17.44  APK manually. The rollout for all users should be soon.

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