New Samsung Galaxy S9 Leak Reveals Interesting Details About Screen

A concept image of Galaxy S9

Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus have been a hit and some recent information that came out officially has made it clear that company is prepping to launch the Galaxy Note 8 Next month in an event in the US. Today, a report came out from The Bell which revealed some interesting details about the successor to current flagship: The Galaxy S8.

The report said that Galaxy S9 will have the same display size as its predecessor and the company will also make a bigger, S9 Plus which will have same diagonal size as S8 Plus. Samsung has already informed its Display manufacturer unit about the display and its details to prepare for manufacturing.

A concept image of Galaxy S9

A concept image of Galaxy S9

Apart from that, Samsung may also add a fingerprint sensor on the display itself, something that the company could not do with S8 this year. If the company made it possible in Galaxy S9, it will save Samsung from taking another criticism as S8’s fingerprint sensor is one of the biggest design flaws of the phone. Interestingly enough, the report suggested that display for Note 9 has also been finalized, it will be 6.32 inch in size which matches with the recent information that has come out for Galaxy Note 8.

Apart from the display, the report did not reveal any details about the specification or features so any information about them is pretty much speculation. If the company keeps up with its launch schedules (and it usually does) the S9 will launch in March 2018 and there is a lot of time for the company to design and development of hardware.

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