Planning To Watch Pirated Game of Thrones? HBO is coming

2017 07 21 08h30 22

HBO’s Game of Thrones is one of the most popular TV Program to date, as the series has started to grow, Pirates have started to become a big problem for HBO. The show is already one of the most pirated shows in the world and it is no surprise that HBO takes loses a lot of money because of it. The company has started cracking down on pirates and pirating networking that includes torrenting websites and file sharing services that share GoT content.

Torrent Freak reported that HBO has actively started discussing ISP’s and sending notices to individual pirating the show. It is surely going to target those sites which are broadcasting pirated content. HBO has already taken this step during Game of Thrones Season 6. Now it is being more serious about Season 7 because premiere episode has the highest number of viewers for the show to date.

2017 07 21 08h30 22

HBO has collaborated with IP Echelon to take this step. Just after the first episode, HBO has announced thousands warning against piracy and duplicity.  Many links of pirated version which claims to broadcast Episode 01 of Season 07 have been demolished.

Game of Thrones series is popular all over the globe. However, HBO is now targeting US pirating websites but it is soon going to target ISPs all over the world.

This kind of crackdown on the internet is not shocking as it is not happening the first time. There is another content streaming player like Netflix who has targeted website using VPNs to access the content.

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