Google’s AI-powered Assistant Is Now Launching To Millions of Android Smartphones

2017 02 27 19h00 33

Last year Google had introduced its assistant that could successfully perform various functions. However it was only exclusive for Pixels phone, Home Speaker and Allo messaging app.

If you haven’t had the luck to try it out, then we have good news for you. Google has announced that it will introduce the assistant in many more devices. Google announced that it will add the assistant in devices running on Android 6.0 and newer as long as they have Google Play services running.

2017 02 27 19h00 33

One of the first smartphone to get it will be the LG G6 from this week on. It will be made available in US, Australia, Canada, UK, and Germany.

The assistant will not only be introduced to smartphones but also to Android Wear 2.0-based smartwatches and soon to TVs and cars.

One big improvement will be that you will be able to summon the assistant by long pressing the home button instead of having to hunt for the microphone icon or hoping for the correct response to the prompt “OK Google.”.

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