New Acer Phones Will Come With Microsoft Bloatware

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Looks like Microsoft wants to be the king of bloatware distribution too.

Knowing that Windows Phones are not going to do miracles in the Smartphone market share, Microsoft is really making sure that it can still get some attention in phones, even if they are not made by Microsoft.

A new deal between Acer and Microsoft recently revealed that new phones from Acer will come with many Microsoft made apps preinstalled.

Acer is not the first one to accept that, LG, Dell, Samsung and Sony are also preinstalling Microsoft’s Apps on their new phones.

The app list includes core Office Apps – Word, Excel, OneNote, PowerPoint, Outlook. The list also includes Skype and OneDrive. While there is no doubt that the apps are good quality and are useful for some users, it still will be bloatware because not all people want to use a spreadsheet app on their smartphones.

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Microsoft has some good Android Apps but are they worth per-installing?

The Microsoft Bloatware

Though Windows Phone is good in some cases, it still is really hard for Microsoft to make it look like a serious competitor to Android. To get noticed in the smartphone market, Microsoft has created  tons of Android and iOS apps. 

Users usually prefer Microsoft apps to edit documents on their phones, however, some patent disputes have made it possible for Microsoft to make some phone makers preinstall their apps on new phones.

Office and OneDrive will definitely help Microsoft in fighting with Google Docs.

The Microsoft bloatware is not about Android, Windows 10 also come with Candy Crush game preinstalled.

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