Xiaomi Mi 6 Does Not Have a Headphone Jack, Here is Why

2017 04 19 17h37 02

Motorola and Apple are the brands that killed the 3.5mm headphone jack from their phones first and now that Xiaomi has also removed the port from its latest flagship -the Mi 6.

Apart from “Courage”, Apple said that they removed the headphone jack because they needed more space inside the phone to add some new features such as water resistance and the new haptic engine.

2017 04 19 17h36 47

Recently, Xiaomi also stated the reasons for removing the headphone jack from Mi 6 to Android Central, the company said “Smartphones are highly-integrated products and internal space is precious. By removing the headphone jack, we can save room for other components such as a bigger battery. Audio through USB Type-C is becoming more common, and will continue to provide excellent sound quality”.

Considering that Mi 6 packs a 3350 mAh battery, which is almost 10 percent larger than Mi 5 and flagship grade specs, the reason can be understood. Although the company packages a USB-C headphone with the device, the company said that the box will also come with a USB-C to 3.5mm adapter, so if you really like your old headphones, get ready to live the #donglelife.

Removal of Headphone jack has not hurt the sales of iPhone 7, but it will be interesting to see whether the same will be true in the case with Xiaomi.

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