Amazon has a tablet for your Kids at $99

fire kids edition e1442671808119

Tablets may not be as hot as they were two years ago, Amazon is still trying to sell them to you. Just after a few days when Apple Launched its 12.9″ monster iPad Pro, Amazon has launched its new lineup of tablets. This time along with launching some other tablets made for adults, Amazon seems to be betting for a tablet made for Kids.

In a launch event Amazon revealed its lineup of New tablets with a New Fire Tablet and a new Fire Kids edition. Kids edition Fire Tablet is straight forwardly aimed at kids having a Kids Friendly UI and a Big Blue case covering the Tablet.

In terms of specs Amazon has packed 1.3Ghz Quad Core Processor and 1GB RAM in the Fire Kids Edition. The Tablet has 8″ of Screen real estate area and 8GB of internal memory.

To make the Tablet more appealing to Kids Amazon has included one year subscription of Amazon Freetime, a service that contains Games and Books for Kids. Also Amazon Fire Kids Edition includes a two year replacement guarantee covering accidental damage.

The Fire Kids Tablet is now available for people to buy at Amazon’s website.