Microsoft is releasing Office 2016 on September 22

Microsoft office 2016 release date

There is good news for Office 365 Subscribers and Office users from Microsoft. Microsoft is releasing the latest update for its widely used Office Suite for Windows on 22nd September. On that day Office 2016 will be made available for all general consumers and Office 365 subscribers. In a blog post Microsoft confirmed the release date for Microsoft Office 2016.

Users with Volume Licence will be able to get Office 2016 from October 1. Interested users can also download a 32 bit Preview from Microsoft’s website. Although Microsoft has not disclosed prices for Office 2016.  Subscribers of Office 365 will get it free. It doesn’t feels likely that Microsoft will make the upgrade free for retail customers as it did for Windows 10.

Microsoft has already released a version of Office 2016 for Mac and now it is turn for the Windows Users. This version is more focused on data processing and Finding the features that are already available in Office.

New Features in Office 2016

Office 2016 is more focused on cloud technology and as it looks it will try its best to beat Google’s Docs. To do that Microsoft has added many new features such as co-authoring and real time document editing by many users on the same document. Microsoft is also trying to make it easy for people to find tools and features by introducing a new tell me bar. It is a text box right after the ribbon where user can enter a query and Office lists help or command below the box. Microsoft is also introducing new research features such as the ability to search and insert content to document right from web. There are some cosmetic changes as well, the apps now have a coloured title bar each app has different color such as Word has blue based on the color scheme. other flat themes from Office 2013 are available to use as well.

It will be interesting to see what Microsoft can add to an already great Office suite with the new Microsoft Office 2016.