Here is What (and How) Astronauts Eat in Space

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Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you’re fantasizing about traveling to space and discovering new planets and signs of other life organisms in the universe? Have you ever daydreamed of becoming an astronaut, exploring the endless vacuum zone and revealing its secrets?

Astronauts are that group of people that confront many challenges in order to contribute to the general progress of humankind. One of those challenges is definitely one of the most important human needs – eating. Imagine eating in microgravity where everything floats – food, plates, tableware etc. Not to mention the fact that the food also needs to be prepared in a special way.

Folks at Labeley created the following infographic that shows how space food evolved over the years. You’ll find out what Yuri Gagarin and John Glenn ate on their space missions in the sixties and how that changed for Scott Kelly, for example. The infographic also explains what astronaut food should be like, what kind of preserving methods are used so the food has longer shelf life, how astronauts prepare their food and how they eat their meals. Check it out and find out what it’s like to eat as an astronaut.

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Here is What (and How) Astronauts Eat in Space

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