Google is Removing Chrome Notification Center Because You Don’t Use It

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Google, the company that is now owned by Alphabet, has removed Google Chrome Notification Center from Windows, Linux and Mac OS because no one is using it.

As the company said in its blog post that the notification system on Google Chrome will be removed to make it simpler and remove the complexity.

Few users visit the notification center. To keep Chrome simple, it will be removed from Windows, Mac, and Linux in the upcoming release. The notification center on Chrome OS will remain unchanged.

– Chromium Blog

If you are not familiar with it, the notification center icon used to sit on the notification tray and at its best it was able to show cards from Google Now. Now after it is removed, any try to make a notification will result in an error and also any API that is using the Notification center will no longer work.

Other chrome specific notifications will continue to work and Chrome will still be able to notify you for any occasion.

It was first introduced in 2013 and a few month ago Google refused to Integrate Chrome Notification Center with Windows 10’s notification panel.

However, Google is not removing the Notification Center from its Chrome OS, which is the operating system used in Chromebooks.