Difference between JPG, PNG and other Image Formats

Difference between JPG, PNG and other Image Formats

Computer files are usually stored with a file type such us most of the time music files are found in MP3 extensions and Microsoft Word Files have a DOCX at the end of their name. Images, just like music and video formats are found in various types and some of the most popular are JPG (or JPEG) PNG, GIF and BMP. To show a normal selfie you can use any of these format and all of them will work for standard photos. However not all people know that each of these image format is a lot different than the other and each of these has their own pros and cons.

Different Image Formats

Starting with the BMP format –at past used as default format for Microsoft’s really old Paint –it is the heaviest on size and does not support transparency.

Moving on to the next image format JPG (or JPEG). it is most efficient on file size, it is weaker in terms of image quality.

The PNG or Portable Network Graphics is good replacement for JPG, it also supports alpha channels, still it will cost a bit more then JPG when it comes to file size.

Getting next to GIF, the new craze in social media. It is older that what you may think and GIF supports both transparency and Frame switching.

We are here with an interesting infographic that will help you in understanding different image formats and their Plus and minus points. At the end of the day you will get to know which image format should you use to store Birthday photos of your son and which to use as logo on your website.

Know Your File Types: When to Use JPEG, GIF, & PNG

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