Watch this weekend : The Last of Us Cinematic Playthrough

Watch this weekend : The Last of Us Cinematic Playthrough

Many gamers and youtubers make game walk-through videos and publish them online. These are mainly ment for giving users an idea of completing the game, getting collectibles and solving puzzles. These video walk-through are mostly not at all useful for  non gamers  as watching shoulder of game character for hours gets boaring after some minutes. College student and aspiring game designer Grant Voegtle has done something a lot different from what people do with video walk-through.  of 2013 PS3 Exclusive The Last Of us and made these available on YouTube.

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A little About the game

The Last of Us was released in 14th June 2013, and is an exclusive for Sony’s Playstation 3 and Now A remastered version for PlayStation 4. Game was critically acclaimed and received a score of 5 out of 5 on Metacritic. published by Naughty Dog Studios,The Last of Us follows a journey of male protagonist  Joel and a 14-year-old girl Eallie. game story is definitely one of the best ever told in games. Gameplay and Gunplay is also above the bar.

[su_pullquote align=”right”]This superfan has recorded and then beautifully edited all the gameplay.[/su_pullquote]

About The Last of Us Cinematic Playthrough

Grant created the Playthrough keeping in mind that people who are not able to play the game can still enjoy the story of it. The entire Playthrough is divided in 7 episode, all episode have time length of average 40 minutes. It gives all the episode almost 4 Hours of time length in total. All the unnecessary scenes are removed. After watching all the episodes I found the editing to be good. There are no unnecessary scenes, Grant has definitely focused mor on game story and Emotion than the action. One thing I liked most was that even if some one has not played or even heard about the game, all the episodes are still enjoyable. Giving all goodness of its tight storyline and some beautiful in-game visuals.

Grant shared some of his experience to The Verge about Editing and this Idea:

Each 30- to 40-minute installment of Voegtle’s series takes him an average of 20 to 30 hours of work. I played some parts of the game up to 100 times to get make everything look just right.

The Last of Us Cinematic Playthrough is definty must watching weather you have played the game or not. It is definitely intersting to see the complete story of a blockbouster game in just 7 Epsiodes.
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You can watch all episodes here.

Image Credit : Naughty Dog on flickr