This 1 TeraByte SD Card Will Put Your Laptop’s Storage to Shame

sandisk 1 tb SD card

Don’t you just hate when your shiny new Ultrabook runs out of storage? Well, SanDisk -the well-known memory card maker who is now acquired by western digital – just announced an SD card that packs 1 TeraByte of storage.

sandisk 1 tb SD card

Now that SanDisk’s 512 GB SD card can be bought by the general public, the company showed a prototype of its new 1024 GB SD Card. Also, considering the 512 GB models costs around $350, don’t expect the 1 TB variant to go easy with your pocket.

1 TB should be well enough to let you store 200 thousand songs or 300 thousand photos and, in case you haven’t measured an SD card before, it is only 3.2 cm tall.

With the growing demand for applications like VR, we can certainly use 1TB when we’re out shooting continuous high-quality video.

Sam Nicholson, CEO SanDisk

1 TB -once you are willing to spend for it – can be a great upgrade for cameras and Laptops.
Now, please,  feel how jealous I am writing about 1 TB SD Card on my 256 GB SSD Laptop.