Facebook Will Help You in Ignoring Your Ex After Breakup

facebook breakup

Facebook has had its share of effects on relationship with its social media website. People are using Facebook as a evidence for divorce and often people do breakups by changing their Facebook status. On its try keep Facebook pleasant to use for  users, Facebook has (for the first time) tried to do something for those who just had breakups in their relationship.

Breakups can be painful, Now Facebook is here to help users in recovering from them. The social giant is adding options in the App and website to help ignoring your Ex on your timeline or profile.


Facebook announced all of this in its blog post. It will now give you options to hide your posts from your ex and make her post less visible on your Facebook feed.

You can ignore the person altogether by unfollowing them and your former partner wont be notified at all about all of this. Facebook is hoping that these helps will make relationships on Facebook better.

limit facebook ex posts


Facebook is a place for sharing life’s important moments, which for many people include their romantic relationships. When a relationship ends, we’ve heard from people that they sometimes have questions about the options available to them on Facebook.

Kelly Winters, Product Manager on Facebook

Now, after you have changed your relationship status back to single, Facebook will show you a screen including options such as making your posts less visible to your ex and making the Ex’s post less visible on your Facebook feed.

All of these options were available in the past too, but very little users know about these and with this step, Facebook is making it more practical to do that for users