Windows Turns 30: Celebrate With These Hilarious Parodies

Microsoft windows parody

No matter how Microsoft counts the version numbers in its OS line, Windows has played as one of the most important role in the PC market. It was the first to offer GUI for cheap, so cheap that arguably better Mac computers were shrunk to less than 10% in market share.

Microsoft’s Baby just turned 30. The Operating System  which needed DOS to run at first and now it is standing on its own feet. To celebrate it, here are some of the most hilarious Windows parody videos. So, grab some popcorn and get ready to laugh a bit for the birthday boy.

Matrix on Windows XP? No Thanks.

Remember the rock solid stability of Windows XP when it was released? Folks at collage humor thought how it could have been if Matrix ran on Windows XP. Thank god it didn’t.

Windoze 8…. Not Windows 8

Windows 8, an operating system that taught the world how to make people hate your software. More than 4 years after its release an I have not found any person who loves the Charms bar. In case you know anyone who even likes it, give my regards to him. This hilarious parody says most of the stuff about Windows 8’s new feature in a ridiculously funny way. The best portion is where the actor talks about Apps in Windows 8.


Hitler on Windows 8

There is no better person to react on Windows 8 than Hitler. In this famous Windows parody, hitler seems disappointed that Microsoft has removed the Registry Hack from Windows 8 that made it possible to get the Start Menu back. After this he decides to change the Operating System completely.

If you hated Windows 8’s innovative boxes, you may feel the pain too.


Honest Internet Explorer Ad

Internet Explorer is the one browser people love to hate. Being tired of annoying toolbar, not trustful privacy and slow, it was mocked tons of time by tons of people. Microsoft finally made it go home with the latest Windows 10 and gave Microsoft Edge an entry as a modern replacement. This is a parody video of internet explorer. It was made by making some edits on the original video.

Now that before someone asks, the song is called too close and it is sung by Alex Clare

Bonus: Steve Ballmer in an Ad for Windows

It is not exactly a Windows parody, but god help you if you don’t find it funny. You can see former Microsoft CEO trying to convince you to buy a copy of Windows in just $99. I wonder how much budget for the ad was.

Your Turn

Do you know any other interesting mocking on Microsoft’s OS? Which one is your favorite among these masterpieces? Share with us in the comments below.

And on the side note: Happy Birthday Windows, you fat, huge chunk of code that makes me scream every time I try to do something quickly on my PC.