Microsoft Has an Android App to Convince you to Switch To Windows Phone

Microsoft Has an Android App to Convince you to Switch To Windows Phone

We already know that App gap is the biggest problem in Windows Phone. This is -for the most part- why people don’t think of it even as a choice when they are buying a smartphone.

However, Microsoft thinks that it can fix it by creating an app for Google Android. In its attempt to make people to switch to Windows Phone, the Redmond giant recently released an Android App on the Play Store. The App is named AppComparison and it tries to do what the name says.

The AppComparison scans all installed apps on your phone and then compares them to the Windows Phone apps.


After the scanning is done, the app shows a list of apps which are available for Windows. As obvious not all apps are ported to Windows Phone platform yet. Therefore if the AppComparison can’t find an app it will show you similar app to lure you to switching to Windows Phone.


Almost all the attempts of Microsoft have failed in getting users to switch to Windows Phone. It will be interesting to see how the latest idea works.

Android users are loyal to their Mobile OS, recently when Apple created an Android app called “Move to iOS” people slammed it in the ratings and reviews.

The App just has a rating of 3 out of 5 stars at the time of Writing. In a few reviews, users have reported that it can not find alternatives for all apps which is fairly predictable.

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