Google’s Star Wars Easter Eggs Are Simply Awsome

Google Star wars easter eggs

World is getting more and more crazy about the upcoming Star Wars movie. Tons of publishers are covering the movie and market is flooded with Star Wars gear. When the complete internet is following latest adventure of Nerdy franchise, how can Google ignore the craze.

Google+Star Wars

To celebrate the Star Wars release ( and make it sure that Google cares about its fanatic users) Google has created some stuff just related to Star Wars. From the basic credits style easter eggs to a customized UI for each side, you can enjoy all right now.

The first one is a simple search result easter egg showing the iconic Star Wars opening crawl, To see that just type A Long Time Ago In A Galaxy Far Far Away  on Google Search and see for yourself.

star wars google

Google has also added a pause and stop button if you want to open any link from the search results.

The most interesting addition is a site launched by Google that is able to change UI of Google Apps according to which side in the Star Wars you choose.

Just head to and from here, you can choose which side you are with. Both sides differ in customization and you will need to sign-in using your Google Account to apply these changes.

Google's Star Wars Easter Eggs Are Simply Awsome

The site changes tons of aspects on Google web Apps such as theme of Gmail and Google Chrome. Changes according to the side you choose.

These changes will be removed on 1st February of 2016. If you want you can revert back to default theme or change side from the site.

Google has promised that it will continue to create these easter eggs and sites in future.

Bonus: Star Wars Honest teaser.

Nothing else can be better on creating a parody trailer of Star Wars than Screen Junkies.

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