Sony Just Launched World’s Fastest Memory Card

2017 02 23 17h17 25

Even though Apple has omitted the inclusion of SD Card reader from all of its new MacBooks. SD Cards are still one of the most important storage devices for many creative professionals. If you recall, last year, SanDisk launched a 1TB SD Card which is the highest capacity SD card to date. Today, Sony announced its SF-G UHS-II SD card which is the fastest SD card in the world.

2017 02 23 17h17 25

The Sony made SD card features read speeds of a cool 300 MB/s and writing speeds of 299 MB/s, making it faster than most mechanical Hard Drives and comparable to many SATA SSDs.

The card is shockproof, waterproof, X-Ray Proof and Temperature resistance. It will be sold in 3 capacities:32 GB, 64GB and 128 GB, there is no word on pricing from Sony yet, but it should have some performance premium.

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