A Big Windows 10 Update is Coming Next Month

windows 10 start menu

Microsoft has already clarified that there will be no Windows 11 in future, instead everyone will be getting updated gradually.  Looks like they are preparing a major update in November. The Redmonds have code named it Threshold 2.

Paul Thurrott says that the update will be commutative and you won’t need to have all the latest updates to install it. The update is numbered as 1511 where as it was 240 for the (arguably) RTM version of Windows 10.

It may confuse some people but it is numbered as Year and Month (2015 and November) ¬†With this we can say one thing for sure that Microsoft’s habit of sucking at version numbers in not going anywhere with this update.

The Update will be free us promised and it will sort out some problems and (hopefully) annoyances that are present currently in Windows 10.

One of the biggest things in This updates is that you will be able to activate Windows 10 by using licence keys of Windows 7 or Windows 8. Along with this, improvements in Cortana will be welcomed.

Still no Extensions for Edge

Given that it is the first major update for Windows 10, still you will have to hold on for extension support in Microsoft Edge. Microsoft has stated that this feature will arrive only in 2016.

Therefore, if you are someone who just cant live without browser extensions, you will have to stick to Google’s Chrome or Firefox. Extensions are a huge bottleneck for most of the people who want to use edge. It is definitely disappointing that we will have to keep waiting for them.

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