These Are The 5 Best Material Design Apps For Android

best material design apps for android

In last few years, Google’s design language has undergone some major changes, after the Holo interface with was mostly dark and filled with neon lines, Google switch to it’s in house design language and called it material. Material made its first breakthrough with Android 5.0 Lolipop and it has been evolving since. App makers have also started switching to Material to provide a better and arguably more functional app design.

For new App developers, Material Design is the need of the day. Design indeed has become one of the major factors for the overall success of apps. Five contenders, from among numerous PlayStore offerings, stand out in the race:


best material design apps for android

Play Store is now flooded with wallpaper apps, but few of them really stand out. Wally is one of pioneer apps of material design, the app has shut down a few times in past, but right now it is chugging along very well. The app comes out as the most appealing app for wallpapers that is built in a neat and clean environment using smart use of material design. UI is simple, navigation is easy and it works well even on low-powered phones.

Solid Explorer

good material design apps

Solid Explorer has a design that gets the file management stuff eased down to visual cues. It has a floating action button giving the ease of a right-click on a PC and it differentiates files on color grades. With many other unique features, it tops the charts in both utility as well in material designs. If you use a file manager frequently, Solid Explorer is one of the best material design apps out there.

Newton Email

NewTon Email

NewTon Email

While Google’s own Gmail is not half bad, Newton Email has redesigned the idea of email transforming it into a chat-email evolution. It includes the WhatsApp-like double-tick indicator for read-receipts and provides all email tasks on right-left swaps and menus. For upcoming pressure-sensing screens, those designs are supposed to serve as a foundation. It uses design as needed for functionality and is always amongst the best Material Design apps.


While Google’s own Casting app is good enough for more users, LocalCast simplifies streaming as much as it gets. It casts video, images, and pretty much whatever else to your Chromecast from your device. It also reaps the best of the material design functionality, with sharp but cool color-contrasts and gradients. It supports Roku, Amazon Fire Sticks, Apple TV, and a variety of smart TVs, to give a solution for all casting needs.


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Texting in material design is best demonstrated in highly praised Textra. It uses floating action button to pull out a drawer of all text-related options at once. Its customizability is fabulous, switching from bright, dark, primary and secondary colors. It totally adapts to user’s sense of design and seals its position as one of the most loved material design app out there in the PlayStore.

Among others and the apps in this list, which ones do you think are the best material design apps for Android? Share with other in the comments below.

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