More Than Half of World’s Internet Traffic is Not Coming From Humans

2017 02 07 09h24 23

Thinking about the internet, users imagine people sitting on their computer across the globe to communicate with each other, sharing their ideas, thoughts, anger and sorrow with each other, but humans are not all that internet serves to connect.

A new report found that more than half of all Internet traffic now comes from bots -software apps designed to do everything on the web for users and organizations. These bots include search indexers, social media bots, and even some detrimental ones.

2017 02 07 09h24 37

These bots are divided into two categories: The Good Bots and The bad bots.

The first ones are designed to monitor internet services and websites which in turn results in better web browsing experience for users across the internet.

The latter ones are used to steal content, infringe copyright, increase the load on web servers to take down websites and of course, to hack private data and websites.

The good news is that since last year, traffic from good bots has increased considerable while traffic from bad bots has remained the same.

And now that bots have outnumbered humans, we should be careful on the internet.

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