You Can Try Windows 10’s New Gaming Mode Now

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As Microsoft promised a few days ago, the new game mode on Windows 10 is now available for Windows Insiders, and if you want, you can try the new performance enhancement mode on your PC too.

The new Game Mode is not yet pushed to every Windows 10 user -it will take a few more weeks for the public release, but the newest build of Windows 10 (15019) has the new feature with some other changes coming to the OS.

The idea of Game Mode is simple: it helps you in improving gaming performance of a PC by disabling background processes and by prioritizing the Game for more GPU and CPU resources.

Microsoft has a little explainer video, that talks about the new game mode and how it can be enabled:

While the game mode is better than nothing, don’t expect your frame rates to skyrocket. Microsoft only estimates that you will get 2 to 5 percent increase frame rates. But maximum frame rate is not the most important part for most people. The game mode could be a real game changer if it can help gamers in increasing average frame rates.

Turning on the Game Mode

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Microsoft will maintain a list of whitelisted games for Game mode, and you can enable the list by going to Settings and then Games, here you can toggle the game mode on or off.

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If a game is not on the whitelist, you can turn on the Game mode manually for any game (it supports Win32 and UWP games both) simply press Win+G on your keyboard to open the Game bar and then click on the settings icon. From the new dialog box, you will be able to enable the mode.

Game Mode might be a great selling point for Windows 10 in future, but one should also keep in mind that the feature is still under testing and there might be bugs or crashes in the games occasionally. If you are a PC gamer, I have talked about some other ways to improve gaming performance of your PC that you should defiantly check out.

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