Windows 10 Will Have a Game Mode To Increase Gaming Performance

Windows 10

While Windows 10 improves over Windows 7 regarding performance in many factors, gaming was not one of the best plus points to upgrade when the OS was released back in 2015. Many PC gamers refused to upgrade citing no increase (or slight decrease) in performance with the new operating system. It looks like Microsoft is taking some interesting steps to deal with the problem and improve the gaming performance of Windows 10.

Platform Engineer for Xbox, Mike Ybarra today confirmed that the Creators Update of the OS will bring a Game Mode to all users later this year.

The Game Mode will optimize the PC for increased performance in gaming, and it will support all (Win32 and UWP) games made for the OS. Mike did not go into details about how it will work, but considering how Gaming performance actually works it can be understood that the Game Mode will probably prioritize the running games and will disable/ stop background processes in the PC.

This is a big update for Windows; we’re looking forward to Insiders getting their hands on this new feature for further testing

– Mike Ybarra

Microsoft already has a power saver mode to increase battery life that can be activated by going to Notifications and clicking on Battery Saver. However, apart from adding an energy plan, Microsoft has never made any performance mode dedicated to gaming. Considering PC’s are one of the best (at least for millions of people) devices to play games, adding a dedicated gaming mode can be a great selling point for the OS.

It may take a few months for everyone to get the update, in the meantime, you can follow some simple steps to improve gaming performance of your PC.

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