Windows 10 Creators Update Will Arrive in April : Report

Windows 10 creators update

On last year’s October, Microsoft officially unveiled that the next major update for Microsoft’s flagship PC OS will be called Windows 10 Creators Update and it will be launched in “early 2017”.

Well, as Mspoweruser reports, the update will be launched in April. The update is codenamed Redstone 2 and the update number for the OS will be 1704.

In case you are not familiar with Windows Version numbers, the first two digits denote the release year – 2017 in this case – and last two digits are to denote the month of update release.

The update process will be very similar to last years Anniversary Update in terms of release. The company will gradually push updates to PCs running Windows 10 and if needed a manual upgrade can be done. The update will be free, but it will be larger in size compared to general security updates.

Some more details and new features

The company is currently in the process of finalizing the update and once all the new features are added, the build will be “Feature Locked” once the build is features locked, the company will continue to fix bugs but no aesthetic or feature changes will be done.

The company has already started working on the next update codenamed “Redstone 3” which is planned to be released by the end of December.

An insider preview of the update was leaked recently and we have some information about new features and some changes.

  • Microsoft is adding a blue-light shifting features similar to F.lux
  • Cortana can be setup during the PC configuration after the initial install.
  • Tabs on Microsoft Edge have been improved.
  • Folders can be made in start screen/start menu to contain live tiles.
  • A game mode is being added.

Microsoft is also adding VR support to the new OS so that it can work with new VR devices that the company is working on with third party OEMs. There may be some other features on the new update, but we will have to wait to see it ourselves to know more.

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