Samsung Just Launched Galaxy A With 16 MP Camera and Waterproofing

samsung galaxy a7

After some leaks about the new series, Samsung finally introduced its 3 new mid-tier smartphone models. The phones are not as crazy as the upcoming Galaxy S8 (which may come with 8 GB RAM) but offer some great features for the asking price.

There are 3 phones, first one is Galaxy A7 which has a 5.7″ Display, the second one is Galaxy A5 with a 5.2″ Display and the last one is Galaxy A3 that sports a 4.7″ Display. All phones in the series are IP68 water resistant which is a feature that Samsung used to only add on flagship phones such as Galaxy S7.

The company has also added USB-C ports replacing the older, slower Micro USB ports and Galaxy A7 and A5 come with autofocus-equipped 16-megapixel rear cameras. All phones have octa-core processors and come with Android 6.0 Marshmellow. The Galaxy A3 cuts some corners in terms of processing power and camera as it has a 1.6 GHz processor and 13 MP camera compared to 1.9 GHz and 16 MP respectively for Galaxy A5 and A7.

IP68 waterproofing can withstand being submerged in 1.5 meters of water for 30 Minutes and the USB-C port supports fast charging. There was a possibility of Samsung following Apple and removing the headphone jack, but it didn’t happen this time.

The Galaxy A phones look a lot like the previous phones in terms of aesthetics, but with some improvements. The back is a bit more curved than the 2015 series and the speaker grill is now moved to the right-hand side of the device.

Galaxy A5

Galaxy A5

The smartphone giant will be launching the phones in Russia in January and for the rest word shortly after. The pricing is uncleared as of now, but we can expect it to be inline with last year phones. There are four available color options: Black Sky, Gold Sand, Blue Mist and Peach Cloud.

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