This is The Real Samsung Galaxy S8, Launching in March

2017 01 27 09h28 25

The first real images of upcoming Galaxy S8 just leaked, and the phone looks as slick as possible.

Evan Bliss from Venture Beat, who is one of the most reliable leakers on the internet, just gave the world a first glance of the most anticipated phone of 2017. The photo proves many rumors about the phone, and the phone looks a lot like its predecessors.

The new phone will ditch the fingerprint sensor from the front and put it on the back side adjacent to the camera. Samsung’s Galaxy S8 will have an iris camera, just like the dreaded Note 7 on the front of the phone. It is also clear that Samsung will no longer sell flat screened version of the phone -there will be edges on all models. Surprisingly enough, the phone will come in two display sizes: 5.8 inches and 6.2 inches.

2017 01 27 09h28 25

Samsung Galaxy S8 | Credit Venture Beat

The screen size is larger than Note 7 even for the small 5.8-inch Display version of S8, but the phone should not be too large as it will have an 18.5:9 aspect ratio to minimize the screen bezals.

And there is something to mock Apple too: a headphone jack at the bottom.

Both devices will come with Snapdragon 835 or Samsung Exynos SoC which are almost 11 percent faster than current processors. The new SoC will also be nearly 23 percent more powerful in graphics processing, and it will consume 20 percent less battery which will be good as Samsung won’t put a larger battery inside the phones.

The smaller 5.8-inch variant will come with 3,000 mAh battery, and the larger one will come with 3,500 mAh battery.

There is some information about the camera too, the rear shooter will stay as the same 12 megapixels, but the front camera will get a bump to 8 megapixels from 5 megapixels in current flagship, the Galaxy S7.

Release date of Galaxy S8

Evan also has information about the release date of the phone. The company won’t launch the new phone at Mobile World Congress. Instead, the phone will be launched on March 29. The company should start selling the phone on April 21.

The Galaxy Note 7 was a terrific phone, well… until it exploded. Samsung has definitely had seen better reputation for itself in the past. Galaxy S8 is one of the most anticipated phones of all time, and this is probabbly why Samsung is trying to be as careful as possible.

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