Everything We Know About The Upcoming Nokia P1 With 6GB RAM

Sharp Aquos Xx3

Nokia is now owned by HMD Global, and after forming the company properly, the firm has consistently been working to release new Android power smartphone under the Nokia Brand.

The Nokia 6 was recently launched in China which was a mid-range smartphone. The phone had some decent specifications for the price, but it is not able to take on with other higher end smartphones in the market.

To compete in the high end of the smartphone market, the company is planning to release a new flagship phone called Nokia P1. While the company has been secretive about the phone and its specifications, a Russian publication called Worket has found some interesting information about the upcoming phone.

It Won’t Be a Completely New Design

While Nokia 6 seems to be designed completely in-house, the P1 will be based on Sharp Aqous Xx3 which is an Android powered phone launched almost half year ago.

Sharp Aquos Xx3

Sharp Aquos Xx3

While the body of the phone will be same as the one it is ripped-off from, HMD will add some more horsepowers to the phone to make it relevant to the flagship market.

Sharp Aquos Xx3

Rumors say that the phone will have a Snapdragon 835 processors which is the latest high-end SoC by the company. It will be complemented by 6GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage, the latter of which is also expected to be on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8. The phone will have a 22.6 MP rear autofocus camera, and it will be a Zeiss lens.

Other Important features of P1

The Nokia P1 may come with a 5.3-inch Gorilla glass covered screen, the resolution of which is still unknown. The battery of the phone will be 3500mAh, and it will support quick charging. There will be a fingerprint sensor too, and it will be located on the right side of the phone.

The phone should come with Android 7.0 Pre-installed, and we can expect the pricing of the phone to be around $800 for 128 GB version and $950 for 256 GB version.

Nokia should be announcing the phone officially at MWC2017 which will be held in February.

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