Google Just Dropped SMS Support From Google Hangouts

2017 03 26 18h51 05

2017 03 26 18h51 05

Google is all set to remove SMS support from its Hangouts app, and it has begun warning its users in advance.

The users will see a warning notification asking them to choose another messaging app, starting from next Monday. However those users who already use another app for messaging won’t see this notification.

In an admin email posted completely to Reddit, the G Suite team warned administrators about the change and when they could expect to see the service vanish



Google has been introducing many new changes in the Hangouts app. A new service called Meet and Chat apps, within Hangouts essentially divides the Hangouts app in two. One group for text message i.e Chat and another group for video conferencing i.e Meet.

Now that Google is removing message support from Hangouts it remains to be seen if Google will introduce something new in it. Message support will be removed totally from 22nd May.

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