These Are The 5 Most Expensive Products Apple Has Ever Sold

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If there is one thing Apple is known for, other than its amazing products, it’s the fact that no matter what device Apple is selling it will be the costliest in the market. Recently, however, Apple is changing this image and launching products in the affordable price range. This might change things for Apple in a totally new direction of affordable gadgets. So it’s only fair to look back at some of the memorable products launched by Apple that was priced too high for the average buyer.

Apple LISA (1985) — Almost 650479 Indian Rupees ($9,995)

Aaron Sorkin’s 2015 biopic “Steve Jobs,” introduced many of us youngsters to the Apple LISA. Jobs who was played by Michael Fassbender spent most of the movie claiming that the computer wasn’t named after his daughter Lisa until he finally admitted that it was.What the movie failed to tell us was that the Apple Lisa was priced at $9,995. If we consider the inflation, then it would cost a whooping $24,000. The LISA was the first mouse-operated computer that had a graphical user interface system.

Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh (1997) — Almost 488038 Indian Rupees ($7,499)

The twentieth anniversary Macintosh was released in March 1997. It may also be considered the ancestors of the present day iMac. It contained all of the computer in a slim body positioned behind the screen.

It cost $7,500 back then, at present it would have cost $11,200. However, in just a year it’s price was slashed to $1,995 to clear the stock and the Tim was discontinued after that.

Macintosh Portable (1989) — Almost 475087 Indian Rupees ($7,300)

It was in September 1989 that Apples first portable computer was unveiled. It may not have been portable in the truest sense as even though it wasn’t tied to a power socket all the time it weighed 16 lbs. The privilege of owning a portable computer came at the price of $7,300 — about $14,300 today.

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Apple LaserWriter (1985) — Almost 4,55,455 Indian Rupees ($6,995)

Apple LaserWriter had the ability to be shared over a dozen Macintosh computers. And this capability caused it to be priced at a stunning $6,995. It would have cost $16,000 in the present time.

It was one of the first laser printing devices in the market and brought in an era of desktop publishing.

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Apple Watch Edition (2015) — Almost 11,05,943 Indian Rupees ($17,000)

Apple Watches were introduced in 2015 with the baseline model priced at a very reasonable $349. However, this price didn’t satisfy the watch collectors for whom a watch wasn’t just a time telling device but a statement in itself. And Apple was happy to oblige.

A new version of the Apple Watch was introduced called ‘Edition.’ The price started at $10,000 for a watch with rose gold casing and went as high as $17,000 for one that came with an 18-karat yellow or rose gold case and clasps. Apple, however, understood soon that no one was interested in buying a watch for the price of a car.

By then the Apple Watch Series 2 had rolled around last September, and the Apple Watch Edition was being sold as a fitness device rather than a style piece and sold highest variant for $1,300.

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