Amazon is Finally Revamping The Home Screen of Kindle

Kindle home screen update

Kindle has been getting many hardware updates over last few years but the core user interface has always been left untouched. granted that it was good for users who liked the ubiquity across Kindle Versions but it was also criticised for being non-customizable.

Finally, Amazon will be releasing an update to improve the Home Screen of the Kindle Ebook reader tablets.

The update will be releasing this month. It will improve upon a significant part of the current UI of the Ebook reader.

Major Improvements

The Home screen will now contain recent books section on the upper left area of the screen. There will be a Library button to see the list of all available books. There will also be a Downloaded button on the screen to see the books that are already stored on the device.

Amazon is also adding a “My Reading Lists” section on the home screen. It will sit on the upper right hand of the screen and will contain a list containing items from the Amazon wish list and the downloaded samples. Users of Goodreads can find their books in here too.

Kindle home screen update

A recommendation area will also be there. Aside from that a toolbar on the top side will add quick settings that are used frequently by the user.

The Update is made for the Kindle Paperwhite (2013 and 2015), Kindle Voyage and the Kindle (2014).