An Apple Watch Stand Turns The Watch Into A Miniature Macintosh

apple watch stand

It’s not that often when you stumble upon a product that is cheap, cool and handy, the Elago W3 is definitely one of them. Just a small glance on the stand communicates with our inner nostalgia factor.

It is a $15 silicon smartwatch band for Apple Watch that makes it look like you have a miniature Macintosh on your table, with the same iconic color, a cutout for a floppy drive and everything.

The stand supports Apple Watch Seris 1 and the Series 2 including all sizes and all bands. The stand works as the nightstand mode so that you can have your tiny Macintosh replica work as alarm clock right next to your bed.

After inserting the watch into the W3 stand, you can still use the touchscreen, and if you want a neater look, it can work with removing the Watch Band too.

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The stand comes in two colors, and the company sells it through its website and on Amazon. If have already bought an expensive Apple Watch, spending some bucks on the stand should be no brainer.

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