How To Easily Remove Ads From Android Phone

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Yesterday evening, I received a mail from Prins, a reader of GettingGeek, He asked me How he can Remove Ads From Android Phone.

Dear Getting Geek team,
I have an Android Phone that I baught 2 years ago, it is Micromax Unite 2 and it runs Andorid Lollipop.
The phone has good enough features for its price, but I am annoyed with the advertisements that are thrown on me.
Ads are everywhere, in my notification tray, in my home screen and even when I am using a Ad-Free app such as WhatsApp or Google Search.
Is there any way to remove Ads from Android Phone?

Advertising is surely a way for App developers to earn a few bucks from their free App. But many times some App makers take it too far, so far that they start showing you Advertising popups in other apps on mobile phones.

Prins did not include any specifics so in this post, therefore, we will cover almost all advertising blocking methods on Android.

Remove Ads From Android Phones

Ads in Home Screen/ Launcher

You can find loads of free launchers on Play Store, but almost all of them are ad supported. In the case of free launchers, the publisher may earn money by giving you launcher for free and charging you for Themes or by showing you app icons as advertisements or including a fake App Store under the launcher or by using all the above methods.

In some cases, you can simply try to drag and delete the Ad. In case it does not work, you should change to a good and ad-free launcher. Google’s Now Launcher is great for most users. Alternatively, you can also buy paid versions of launchers if they are available.

You can check our this guide for some of the best launchers available for Android.

Ads In Notification Tray

App makers may also send you advertisements in your Notification tray; these are especially annoying for busy users. The ads are often in the form of a large image and they take you to a website if you tap them.

To stop these Notification ads form your Android, you can either check on it’s built in settings to turn off the notification or you can disable notification for that app altogether.

Since most App makers that use notifications to show ads are cheap minded, they won’t necessarily include any option to stop them. Hence, the latter way is good enough to stop ads.

remove ads from android phone

Open settings and tap on Apps, from here, select the app which is bothering you with its annoying notifications and on the next screen, uncheck the Show Notification check box below the Application name.

This should stop the App from making you go crazy during a meeting.

If you can’t figure out which of the installed app is sending you these notifications, on the notification tap and hold on Ad and then select App Info.

Blocking Ads on the Internet

Blocking Advertising on the web is a bit different on Android because unlike Desktop version of Chrome, Mobile version does not allow you to install any ad blocking extension.

You can try Mozilla Firefox for Android and install any Ad block extension for it. An easier way to prevent Advertising on the internet is to use Adblock browser; it is based on Firefox browser, so it should be easy to use for you.

Some VPNs and Mobile networks are adding Ad-Blocking support for their services; you can easily know about them by pulling off a Google Search.

Blocking Ads inside Apps

Many people may find it ethically wrong, but you can remove Ads from Android phone apps. The method may differ from App to App. Most Apps do not show you ads if you are offline. You can turn off Wi-Fi or Mobile Data to hide ads and get some extra working space that is otherwise blocked by advertising.

Many free ad-supported apps are also available in a premium ad-free version. If possible, you should upgrade to them. Not only this supports the developer but also you may get some extra battery life due to removed ad tracking within apps.

If you have a rooted phone, you can use AdAway -an App that promises to block all ads on Android.

For more details about AdAway, you can check the XDA thread here.

Other ways to remove ads from your Android Phones

If you see ads even after following all above steps, you should try to remove all apps one by one, and you will probably know which app is culprit,

In case you are still seeing advertisements, you can try to contact your phone manufacturer.

Do you know any other way to Remove Ads From Android Phone? If yes, share with others in the comments below.