How To Disable Pull To Refresh On Google Chrome

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Chrome users, answer this question: How many times have you refreshed a Web page on Android App accidentally?

Pull to refresh was a trend that got popular after Google Added it on its Lollipop version of Android. In theory, it provides a seamless way of checking for new or updated content on any App or Website.

When adding it with other apps, Google also added a pull to refresh ability in its Android Version of Chrome.

However, if it is doing more harm than good, you can easily disable the annoying Pull to refresh on Google Chrome for Android.

Disabling this can be really useful if you are like me and use a small smartphone.

Disabling Pull to Refresh on Google Chrome for Android

To disable pull to refresh on Google Chrome for android, you need to open the app and in the URL bar type the following:


In the next page, you can see tons of additional power user tweaks that are used to customize the chrome web browser. (These are also available on Desktop versions)


Now, tap the three dots to open browser menu and select Find in Page

disable pull to refresh on google chrome for android (2)

here, in the text box that just popped up, type Pull to go directly to find the Disable Pull to Refresh Effect

disable pull to refresh on google chrome for android (1)

Under it tap on Enable 

At last select Relaunch Now to restart the Google Chrome App.

Once you have restarted the app, you can see that Pull to Refresh for Google Chrome has been completely disabled. You can still refresh the page by selecting the Reload option from browser menu or by tapping the rotated circle button on the screen.

If you need, you can re-enable Pull to refresh by following he above steps again and at the last selecting the Disable option under Disable Pull to refresh effect on Google Chrome app.

Do you know any other way to do this rather than above? if yes, share with others in he comments below.